Monday, January 3, 2011

Rumor: Monsters, Inc. 2 a prequel?

The rumors circulating online today are pointing to a prequel for Monsters, Inc. 2. The movie is not due out until November 2012, so it's a bit early for speculation of this sort, but the prequel concept is interesting.

Personally I found the ending to Monsters, Inc. to be fantastic, but that doesn't mean Pixar can't pull off a great prequel. Maybe they can get creative and include prequel elements and move the story along as a sequel, too, sort of like The Godfather: Part II (without the mob slayings, of course).

So what do you think? Does a potential prequel featuring Mike and Sulley make you happy, sad, or something else?

For a brief note on this rumor see /film (mild spoilers).

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