Friday, March 18, 2011

"Agents on a Mission" - Cars 2 on tour!

Disney-Pixar announced today that State Farm insurance will present "Agents on a Mission" to promote Cars 2. The tour begins at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, on March 22.

According the the press release, "Agents on a Mission" will feature "life-size remote-controlled models [that] will light up and rev for fans in Detroit, Toronto, Phoenix, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Washington, DC, and Miami, among others."

The tour will also make an appearance on June 18 at the red-carpet premiere of Cars 2 in Los Angeles (Cars 2 officially opens June 24 in North America).

Look for more information soon at the official Cars 2 website.

Highlights from the press release:

"The 'Agents on a Mission' tour lets fans get face to face with 'Cars' favorites Lightning McQueen and Mater, plus the very cool, very savvy spy Finn McMissile, a new character on 'Cars 2' roster," says MT Carney, president of marketing for The Walt Disney Studios. 'This movie is filled with fun, action, heart and a lot of laughs—we want to get everyone geared up for 'Cars 2.'"

State Farm brings Disney-Pixar's "Cars 2" adventure directly to fans with the "Agents on a Mission" tour, showcasing cars modeled after their big-screen likenesses. The cars will be outfitted in Goodyear tires and transported from coast to coast (and back again) by Mack Trucks, Inc. Visitors can check out the cars and take part in a variety of "Cars 2"-themed activities, including a video kiosk, e-photo opportunities, games and giveaways. They can also enter the "Agents on a Mission" sweepstakes, which features 18,000 prizes, including a new car.

The replica cars are the largest production radio-controlled replica cars ever built.
• At 1000 foot pounds of torque – the electric motors provide enough power to theoretically climb a telephone pole!
• Finn weighs in around 1,760 lbs.
• Lightning McQueen weighs in around 2,250 lbs.
• Mater weighs in at just over 2,700 lbs.

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