Monday, April 4, 2011

Enrollment at Monsters University Delayed Until 2013?

If you were planning to enroll in Monsters University, you may have to wait until June 2013. Box Office Mojo reports that Pixar's prequel to Monsters, Inc., scheduled for a November 2012 release, is now set for June 21, 2013.

Many have anticipated Pixar would begin releasing two movies a year, beginning in 2012 with Brave in June and Monsters Universty in November. But now it's looking like Pixar may not be on track for two films per year until 2013, if at all.

While it's somewhat disappointing for Pixar fans to have to wait another seven months for Monsters University, Pixar is likely wanting the extra time to make the best movie it can, as Pixar's emphasis on quality has always taken precedent over quantity.

The Monsters University director, by the way, is Dan Scanlon, director of the Pixar short Mater and the Ghostlight. You can find him on Twitter @MrDanScanlon.

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  1. Ahh man 2013 i was hoping it would come out sooner :/